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We are specialising in sale, service and repair of all models of S T Dupont, Cartier, Ronson and Dunhill lighters. We have been providing our service worldwide include, Europe, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, The Neatherlands, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, USA, Canada, Australia, South America, New Zealand, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Brunei since 2015 through ebay and many other media platform. All our in house technicians are fully qualified with many years of experience. We take great care, not only for it's financial value also the sentimental value attached. As we learned the fact from many years of experience.

We also sell quality used S T Dupont, Cartier and Dunhill lighters and parts. Also Montblanc, S T Dupont and Cartier pen and parts. Please click the link bellow for our ebay shop and the overwhelming feedback left by our customers.
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